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Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns inc.

As a general contractor, SIM – Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns inc. specialises in commercial and industrial design and construction, and is also a leader in the kiln drying technology.

The expertise developed over 30 years brings you the best value as well as an outstanding service.

With it’s involvement in every step of the project, SIM helps you maximise your operations by putting up buildings adapted to your present and futur needs. Wether it is for a new building, a renovation, management, or a turn key project, SIM supports you from the planification all the way to the possession of you project.

To keep control over all costs and optimize the results, this general contractor manages the entire project and all the involved actors, he will even hire the architects and engineers needed.

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General contractor since 1985

Projet commercial vignoble Rivière-du-chêne

General contractor

To provide performing building construction services, has been the priority for SIM – Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns inc. since 1985.

Dry Kilns - séchoirs à bois

Dry Kilns

With over 25 years experience in the forest industry, SIM is internationally renowned and has considerable expertise.

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Gérald Pepin, member of Québec Bosses Council

26 April 2016

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Proud distributors of Steelway

Since 2015, SIM Steel Buildings & Wood Kilns has been the exclusive distributor for Quebec of Steelway Building Systems products, ExSteel, Zelus (cranes) and its marketing. Take the opportunity to become a steel structure distributor increase your revenue potential.

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