5 reasons to use a prefabricated building

29 August 2019

Efficiency, Cost, Time, Durability, Performance. These are essential criteria to considerate when you’re planning a commercial or institutional project. Among all the possible options, a prefabricated building meets all these criteria and has even more advantages.

1. One Building, One Delivery : That’s Efficiency!

When you’re choosing a Steelway prefabricated building, all your building’s components are shipped at the same time. You get the whole building envelope in one delivery. It includes the primary structure and the secondary structure, the insulation, and the wall and roof claddings. All panels are precut in length and it includes all starter and finishing trims, and door and window mouldings.

2 and 3. Save Time and Money

A prefabricated building means no more delay associated to the delivery and no skilled workers to manage. It take less time to install and only one construction trade is required to fully assemble the building envelope. By saving time, you’re also saving money. There is more. You also save money on the building itself. Prefabricated buildings are usually lighter than traditional buildings. For this type of building you pay by the pound, that’s why they are cheaper.

4. Durability and Strength

Prefabricated buildings offer the same resistance to snow and wind as traditional buildings. They also respect Quebec’s construction standards. Furthermore, different options are available, such as standing seam roof systems (no visible screws) which last up to 70 years, and LEED certified white roof claddings.

5. Optimal Performance

Leading Canadian manufacturers Steelway Building Systems design and manufacture systems of exceptionally reliable and functional quality using cutting-edge technology. SIM Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns Inc., general contractor since 1985, is the exclusive distributor in the province of Quebec.

The experts from SIM Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns Inc. partner with architects and engineers to build customized buildings according to the specifications of each customer. This way, you quickly know the price of your project and are guaranteed to obtain a building that meets your expectations.

With over 1400 projects already completed, you can rely on their expertise.

Simplify the process, optimize the cost and quickly take possession of an optimally designed and long-lasting building. Ask for a quotation today.

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