Clear span prefabricated steel buildings

6 September 2019

Does your project require a Clear Span Building? Whether you need to build sports facilities such as ice rinks or soccer fields, or manufacturing facilities, agricultural buildings, or any of the other kind of steel building, Steelway Building Systems provide optimal and ideal solutions. Their design ingenuity coupled with their precise resistance factors set them apart and make them the well-informed choice.


Weight is the Key Argument 

Notably, it is important to understand that for prefabricated steel buildings engineered with advanced building systems, each component contributes to the resistance of the structure.

For example, every beam is engineered according to the required resistance.

  • Commercial and institutional resistance factor: 0.08
  • Agricultural storage resistance factor: 0.06

Buildings are compliant with national building codes and are designed to be lightweight. This automatically reduces the cost of the project since steel buildings are sold by the pound.


Three Plate Roof Beam 

Steelway Prefabricated Steel Buildings offer other benefits for your clear span building. They manufacture three plate roof beams, eliminating the need for steel girders. This system also sets itself apart with its Z -shaped iron roof purlins and its C-shaped wall girts.



This type of construction speeds up the insulation process. Roll Insulation is quick to install compared to other types of insulation products. Being time efficient equates to cost efficiency and leaves more money in your pocket. In addition to time efficiency, prefabricated buildings is deliverable in one lot. It includes the primary structure and the secondary structure, the insulation, the walls, roof claddings, the trims, and the mouldings.

Keep in mind that a clear span rigid roof frame structure significantly helps you to reduce the cost of your project.

Contact SIM Steel Buildings, general contractor since 1985 and Steelway exclusive distributor for the province of Québec to ask for an estimate.

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