Outset and inset girts

30 October 2019

Which Type of Girts Do You Need? Outset Girts or Inset Girts?

Which type of girts would be the most appropriate for your project? This decision has an impact on the cost and the result of your commercial or industrial building project. An overview of the two possibilities will help you define your needs.

First of all, it is important to know that girts are horizontal structural components providing resistance to the building structure. The wall covering is attached and supported by the girts.

Outset Girts

Outset girts are installed on the outside of the main structure (rigid frame). They support and attach sheet metal or outer metallic wall claddings and insulating materials.

In the case of a rigid frame building, you could find a primary structure made of vertical columns distributed every 25 feet. In this example, girts would be installed horizontally every 5 feet.

Faster = Less Expensive

The installation requires a minimum of connections, and is done continuously on the outer side of the primary structure. Girts are inserted in one another and bolted to the structure. The installation is quick and affordable. It represents a significant advantage.

Inset Girts

Inset girts are installed between the building columns and run flush with the outer structure. We choose this option, mostly for design requirements. It is more expensive because each girt has to be precisely precut to fit in between the columns. It is also longer to install because each girt is supported by brackets.


Purlins and girts have a great impact on the global cost of your project. Steel purlins in prefabricated steel building are much lighter than open web steel joists used in traditional steel building.

Take note that open web steel joists are custom-made and it takes a long time to have them ready.

Purlins Cut Installation Time by 50%.

When using purlins included in prefabricated steel buildings designed by SIM – Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns inc instead of open web steel joists, it cuts the installation time by at least 50%. That means you save a lot of money on labour. Like outset girts, the purlins can be installed continously on the structure, saving time and money.


The Foundation of a Successful Project

Are you looking for a prefabricated steel building that will include all your criteria? Contact SIM – Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns inc to start your project and get the best value for your money with a dedicated team of experts.

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