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A customized steel structure: buildings with infinite possibilities!

Simply the best steel structures. Canadian leader, Steelway designs and manufactures efficient building systems at competitive prices.
For steel structures you should be able to obtain exactly what you need. Leading Canadian manufacturers Steelway Building Systems design and manufacture systems of exceptionally reliable and functional quality. The important sales volume, advanced technology and extensive experience Steelway guarantees product performance at competitive prices.

Since 1976 Steelway has made steel structures for a variety of sectors: industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational and agricultural.

This type of building is mainly used for large surface buildings requiring an open space without columns (clear span), such as soccer fields, arenas, concert halls, storage buildings, forestry and mining buildings and for a multitude of other applications.

Fully customized

Forget the standard dimensions. Everything is possible with these products, a large area without internal columns, a traditional steel structure or storage solutions. Architectural components can be easily integrated with Steelway products in order to make a very attractive aesthetics: glass, masonry, wood … Steelway systems outperform traditional industrial buildings, they are removable and can be moved. In fact, their only limit is your imagination!

Quality all the way

All steel components are manufactured by Steelway under one roof, ensuring total quality. Industrial equipment used at Steelway is unparalleled. The company is also on the lookout for technological innovations in order to improve its processes to increase production and quality while reducing costs.

These are advanced computer systems that control the advanced industrial equipment, providing unparalleled quality, accuracy and precision. Delivery may be by truck or ship.

The steel structures are designed to prevent welding on site, and most are assembled using only high-strength bolts and rapid assembly systems to speed up construction and save you time and money.

All components are specifically designed to work together to produce a system for optimal efficiency, precise assembly and maximum performance on the field. Steelway’s worldwide experience has enabled it to refine the design over the years, giving you the assurance of dependable efficient buildings.

A solid alliance

Steelway Building Systems is a family business whose owners are very involved. Small enough to have your order at heart and large enough to produce the best results.

By granting exclusive distribution in Quebec SIM Steel Building & Wood driers, Steelway leaders reiterated their commitment to select its manufacturers for their extensive experience in building and their reputation for excellence. It is a pledge of confidence for achieving your steel structures!

SIM therefore holds the exclusive distribution in Quebec of Steelway Building Systems, and may also offer ExSteel (building components) and Zelus (cranes) products. The SIM expertise enables it to deliver orders on time and its close links with Steelway promote appropriate communication.

In addition, if you are a recognized manufacturer, you could become a distributor of Steelway Building Systems, because SIM was mandated to set up a network of distributors, across Quebec.

Selecting Steelway products is opting for a wise investment

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