Why Choose a Steel Roofing System?

12 November 2019

A good quality steel roofing system has several advantages. You’re building a commercial, industrial or institutional building and you want to install a durable, resistant, and well-insulated rooftop; the following arguments might convince you to choose a steel rooftop.

Advanced Technology

Some steel roofing systems are using very advanced technologies. Steelway’s RTL-24 is a low slope roof system that can be added to an existing structure or designed for a new steel building project.

Strong and Resistant

RTL-24 is more than a simple roof panel. It’s a system that complies with the highest load requirements imposed by the national building code. The design of the panels improves the thermal capacity and the lateral support. This innovation makes this steel roofing system stronger, therefore more resistant to the wind.

A Roof That Won’t Buckle!

The roof panels are mounted on floating brackets that absorb expansion and contraction caused by temperature variations. In the case of a 100 feet long roof, we expect a two inch expansion due to thermal variations. With the RTL-24, the brackets are absorbing the expansion. These brackets can move from one to six inches.

Since only one extremity is fastened- the same extremity on each panel- to the steel roof, the other extremity is free to move when necessary. This reduces the stress and prevents buckling.

An Estimated Average Lifespan of 70 Years

RTL-24 roofing systems should last a minimum of 70 years without any maintenance. It is three times longer than a membrane roofing system. Technically, the roof could last even longer. It is also possible to buy a 50 year warranty. An inspector will inspect the system during the installation and after the work is completed, in order to provide you with a steel roofing system certified by the manufacturer.

Colour Options

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) approved white and Galvanume are the standard colours you can choose from. However, all colours normally produced for steel panels are available at a nominal charge.

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional

RTL-24 roofing system is widely used for large buildings located is cold area or for energy-efficient buildings. Its insulation values range from R-20.6 to R-52!

Installation is the Key!

Finally, take note that a steel roofing system costs almost the same as a membrane roofing system and your steel roof will be totally waterproof once installed by certified professionals.

Experts from SIM – Steel Buildings & Dry Kilns inc. hire only certified installers, trained by the manufacturer, in order to insure the optimal performance of your RTL-24 steel roofing system.

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